Why I dont like Facebook

Allright ..treat this as a post designed to elicit comments or its just me venting

Why I dont do Facebook by me

Firstly : The adds ! They are bloody annoying: I dont know why the adds on facebook annoy me more than the adds on Youtube . But they DO.My first few logins were greeted with jarring adds with models in various stages of undress! I am no prude but thats very intrusive , esp when you are at work . I also dont believe in addblock as a strategy. I believe adds do contribute some value to knowing whats out there and pay for many sites to stay alive. Its my way of giving back..clicking on an add every once in a while if it catches my attention.I also think their adds make my already cluttered page look more cluttered. In my defence I have rarely found wordpress pages with adds annoying

Secondly: The countless apps ..I get it ..the apps are what makes Facebook what it is. But I would prefer the uncluttered look. Fewer apps on a profile seem more focussed. Or maybe thats the idea a profile with several apps is the nature of the game! Also installing the apps involve playing a game of 20 questions , maybe the questions can be reduced to 1 or two

Third: The wall! ..A great way to get others to contribute “content” to my profile.

Fourth: I said it above..but the 20 questions and several clicks to do anything ! Even my bank seems less intimidating

And once more the adds!. I will have to turn on addblock and create a special firefox profile .. just to get on facebook. And the only reason I would still get on Facebook is because all my friends are on Facebook and I am trying not to be the grumpy one in the bunch.

6 responses to “Why I dont like Facebook

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  3. The apps are a matter of choice. You can have as few or as many as you like. What annoys me are the countless “person X wants to involve you in some way requiring application Y” requests. However, I find that people desist eventually if you just ignore them. I agree though, I prefer less, useful apps.

    As for ads – I recommend that you install the Boost addon for Firefox. Much more functional than the official Facebook addon and it blocks ads.

  4. Hi Neil .thanks for pointers to the addon..so maybe now my Boss wont think I am surfing the adult personals page while I am at work ..

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  6. >I am trying not to be the grumpy one in the bunch.

    Sounds like you’re failing. Facebook is about the social aspect – with any piece of software or website you ignore or fix the little things.

    Ads – ignore or block (fixed for ever).

    Apps – only install the ones you want.

    The wall – friends can talk to you on this – what’s not to like?

    Too challenging – can’t figure it out? Ask someone who knows their way around to show you. It’s easy and intuitive after about 5 minutes of use, like anything.

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