Is Apple killing Java in favor of Objective C

I have very often expressed my frustration at how far behind Apple is, in bringing out a mac version of Java 6. The deveoper preview is stuck , with the last beta dated at Sept 2006.  Along these lines, apple stopped updating the Quicktime for Java API for the last many releases, with  new functionality only available from the objective-c  library .

Recently at the Oreilly Ignite II event, one of the speakers who had developed an amazing visualization centric Java environment expressed his frustration at how apple seems to have gone back on its pro-Java image. Why they would want to do that is beyond me, the novice coder. I am seriously considering my next machine to be a gentoo linux only machine. That way I can just use the SDKs from Sun or even the several openjava ebuilds.

It just seems like the community ( like the Linux community) will always safeguard the end users interests more than any company and its associated hype machine. This lack of dynamic support from Apple for the newest stuff from the Sun stable is probably the only thing making me regret buying a Mac.

3 responses to “Is Apple killing Java in favor of Objective C

  1. learn objective-c, you won’t regret it.

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