An eye for an IE – , internet explorer and the javascript jungle

Well now supports Internet explorer .. you can read all about this and other beta 0.2 enhancements on our blog.

Since one of the stated aims of this blog, is my desire to learn javascript, this post talks about javascript standards and the google web toolkit…

On bioscreencast, Suresh , our lone web ranger , using the amazing yui library, his web design  skills and tech wizardry, designed the site first beta site to play well on firefox and safari . Both these browsers are  closer to the ECMAscript standards than something like Internet Explorer (IE). Consequently our site initilly worked on firefox and safari.

Like most javascript centric UI’s , the site had to face up to the real problems associated with javascript i.e browser personalities . Javascript is famous for how it behaves somewhat differently depending on whether you are using a browser like Internet Explorer or something like Firefox and safari. The ECMA standard was a move to get people to agree on what is “javascript”. Despite the existence of this standard , its interesting that even two standards compliant browsers …dont necessarily treat your website code exactly the same way!. Which makes navigating the javascript jungle a crazy proposition.

This diversity , provided the justification for things like the google web toolkit. How the GWT works is simple, you code in Java ..the program sits on the server..and when the browser requests a particular URL , the gwt java app generates the javascript depending on the IE gets IE centric javascript code , firefox,  javascript that suites its palate etc etc…. SO for people who want the “AJAXy” sexiness that goes with could just stick to java and still harness the dynamic characteristics of javascript.

So , to summarize, coding in javascript necessitates the ability to deal with many of its dialects..or throwing all that out and adopting the java Google web toolkit.

In any turns out, with a few very minor tweaks to the javascript code , now plays very well with all browsers especially IE 6 and IE7.

Based on the feedback we have got from many people and from our is amazing how many people are still using Internet explorer 5 and 6, and its good to know that our website now welcomes most browsers…


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