Get podcasting with Adam Weiss’s help

Yesterday at the Berkman Thursday blog group meeting. Adam Weis from Bostons museum of science gave a talk about “all the cool and amazing things he does” and his experiences with podcasting, blogging, and other things web and digital.

Adam hosts and produces Boston’s museum of science podcasts and also his own Boston behind the scenes podcast. A veteran podcaster ( his science podcast is almost 100 episodes old) he also serves as a podcast consultant. Adam brought along all his podcasting gear and played us some of the samples from his website.

The session was a big eye-opener , I was amazed at how simple his equipment was, and impressed at the very professional results it produced. Also I was gladdened by his evangelical zeal and desire to make podcasting more accessible. I recommend his podcast consultant site for anyone looking to get started with podcasting.

The image above is a link from Adam Weiss’s equipment guide to podcasting and features the iRiver iFP-799 equipped with a $15 Giant Squid Audio Lab Mini Gold-Plated Omni Mic which is what he uses for most of his interviews.


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