JavaFX examples?

This probably should just be a tumblr post, but I heard all the Buzz about JavaFx script on the Java Posse podcast.

All my googling skills failed to come up with a good page with examples that showed me how awesome it can be. Meanwhile I just came across Digg charts ( yes I am very much behind in my browsing) and the fact that the elegant metrics were all executed in flash makes me wonder whether I should substitute OR add in flex to my list of code groups to get around to learning.

Meanwhile,  I only wish someone could send me a link with metrics graphs done in Java that look as classy as the digg charts.


2 responses to “JavaFX examples?

  1. It seems there are some demos there: I tried it on a workstation, so it was quite slow, but I’ll try at home later !

  2. Hi Pierot
    Thanks for the pointers..sadly none of the examples work on my Mac running the developer preview 88 version of java 1.6
    I dont know what to do.

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