Brightcove-great for screencasts

I am a strong proponent of screencast based teaching and learning. For the most part I have been using youtube to host screencasts. Typically these were recorded using ISHOWU on my mac using the H.264 codec/format and then uploaded onto youtube either directly or after converting to ( ipod capable) m4v . The results of these you probably see on my early screencasts on codeitch and at The Omics world.

I was introduced to a brightcove via a webcast forwarded to me by Deepak, which talked of their enhanced flash codec ( from on2 technologies) and decided to give it a try.

I uploaded the same screencast onto brightcove and youtube. In the past , youtube tended sometimes to garble the first few seconds of my video if I went directly from H.264 to youtube-flash and so I also uploaded a version where I went from H.264 to m4v (ipod) and then uploaded that file to youtube.

Brightcoves transcoding did an excellent job and you can almost read the text on my deliberately high resolutio screen capture. I will definitely use brightcove for all my future screencasts both here and at The Omics world. Hopefully the folks at will start supporting the brightcove plugin soon which will allow it to play within this blog page , till then just click on this link or see it in action on my tumblrlog. Feel free to right mouse click on the video and explore the options the brightcove player gives you from right inside the player window. No more looking for  information on crowded youtube pages.


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