Screencast based Books- Video from oreilly Safari Online

Oreilly Safari online image I have been a avid fan of screencast based teaching and learning and have used youtube based screencasts quite often here and at the omics world. The Oreilly safari online bookshelf has also been a favorite of mine as I try to pick up my five favorite technologies. I was delighted to come across a link to video-screencast based learning now offered by safari online. They are a series of screencast based books from with screencasts in the quicktime format. The Quicktime format and large size allows them to be of very high resolution and reasonably sized (5-10 MB) , and they are very easy to follow along with.

I do find that screencasts cut to the chase when it comes to conveying a point and I could easily sit through 2 chapters worth of Excel training since they were screencast based. For now I am glad that such tools are becoming increasingly available and I wont be surprised if a significant portion of computer tech training moves to screencasts rather than text only books. Maybe my tech learning curves will become less steep now thanks to these screencasts that go along with my Safari online subscription.

The icon above from Safari Online for Video Books


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