Moving Data from Backpackit to Jotspot

First a tangent: In order to reduce desktop clutter and focus on the task at hand, I have decided to experiment with “A distraction free Desktop” as screencasted by Jon Udell. His accompanying blog post pointed me to a great Mac utility to cleanup my desktop and also to iterm which I believe is a very good alternative to the Terminal App offered by Apple.

One of the first tasks I want to focus on is how to organize my data from backpackit to enable an impending move to Jotspot. There are several issues to be handled.

  • First a lot of my image and file links are hosted on my university account , I need to keep track of those files and links as I plant to consolidate all of them and store them in one place
  • A lot of my text is free form. I want to give it more of a structure so that I can make better sense of it . for eg an entire experiment is detailed in a long paragraph instead of a more organized – Goal – Method- Conclusion type structure
  • My Image links are quite “stupid” and cannot be queried in any smart way – for eg. All my protein gel images have random file names. I have to com up with a smart link or file naming system to bring more order and query-ability to the gel images
  • A significant number of my graphs and plotted data are embedded as png or jpeg files. I need to plot data dynamically using Javascript or flash . Also jpeg plots are not query-able!

One response to “Moving Data from Backpackit to Jotspot

  1. Awesome – is everything on your Jotspot account going to be public?

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